Euphobia was started by Justin in November 2017 as the primary writer, guitarist, and vocalist. He brought in Brandon on drums who brought in Kasey on bass. They had both been in local blues band, The Bad Notes together and had played for over 10 years. After seeing Butch & The Fat Doobs featuring James on vocals, Justin decided to step back from singing himself and invited him to join. Under this lineup they performed their first show at Average Joe's Pub in March of 2018.

Tragedy struck soon after as Kasey had a heart complication and passed away at the young age of 37. The band entered a haitus to figure out the future of Euphobia. After a few months they auditioned a few bassists and ultimately landed on Hector. He and Justin had been in Smells Like Grunge: The Nirvana Tribute for almost 4 years together.

In early 2019, they finished up writing for a concept album called Byproduct scheduled for release in mid-summer.



Vocalist for Euphobia; James is also currently the bassist/vocalist for Butch & The Fat Doobs and banjo player / back vocalist for Killbillies.



Guitarist and primary writer for Euphobia; Justin is also the owner/operator of Jupiter music school, Live Music Community. He is best known as the "Kurt Cobain Imposter" for Smells Like Grunge: The Nirvana Tribute. 



Bassist for Euphobia; Hector is also known for his role in Smells Like Grunge: The Nirvana Tribute as the "Krist Novoselic Imposter". Before that he was the bassist for Walk Of Shame.



Drummer for Euphobia; Brandon is currently in local blues/rock band The Bad Notes. His background is primarily in jam bands such as Kindred Spirits.

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